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Welcome to Elven Fire!

Elven Fire (abbreviated ELF) is a game of fantasy adventure, with a unique blend of character development and hex-based war-gaming strategy. Extensive flexibility has been built into the character options, allowing a wide range of interesting avatars to be created and to grow with experience and accomplishment. The combat rules have been streamlined to allow rapid play without constant reference to tables and charts, with plenty of room for creative long-range planning and strategy.

Unlike most “fantasy role-playing games” on the market today, Elven Fire has a distinctly positive moral flavor. Honesty and morality are rewarded and Christian values emphasized, with the demonology that has hurt the reputation of role-playing games noticeably absent. Young people will learn mathematics, statistics, and logic, and creative juices will be stimulated. Characters are rewarded for avoiding violence when possible. This game is aggressively family-friendly and suitable for play by anyone from first grade to adult.

Also unlike other games in this genre, you can explicitly and without question win ELF. It may take some time...

Your choice of die is supported. If you just have the traditional six-sided variety, five or six will suffice. If you like percentile dice, a couple will do nicely. And if you get into the multi-faceted aspects of polyhedral die (four-, six-, eight-, ten-, twelve-, and twenty-sided creations – or even weird, new inventions), then you’ll have fun with the combinatorial flexibility and adaptability of Elven Fire.

The bottom line of any game, however, is fun. ELF rules allow you to create a character, guide that character in cooperative ventures with other players through challenges such as puzzles and combat, and watch him or her grow in power, skill, and influence. When you are ready, you can easily invent creative adventures for your friends and family to experience. And, since the rules are always free and Internet-accessible, you don’t have to invest a penny in books or materials.